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Case: Baltic Boat Yard


The new production hall has been given a stable, dry and durable foundation at the Baltic Yachts shipyard at Alholma in Pietarsaari. The ground and foundation work has been carried out by Sjöblom since the beginning of September 2022. The company has replaced the soil under the future hall, prepared the foundation for its concrete structures and built surface water and drainage systems.

"During the autumn, we excavated the foundation 3 meters down, filled and compacted the foundation, prepared the base for the hall's concrete plinths and built a drainage system. We have also started earthworks on the outside of the new hall, with the construction of a surface water system as well as excavation and filling works for the car park," says Maria Keiski, supervisor in Infrastructure Construction at Sjöblom.

Crushed rock and sand were reused

In this construction phase, a lot of material was reused. The parking lot, that was located where the new hall is now being built, was founded with crushed stone and sand. To minimize costs and environmental impact, this material was collected and stored on site. The material was then reused in filling works both around the plinths and in the car park.

"In this way, we don’t have to transport the material away from the site, nor manufacture new material and transport it to the site. Soil masses that could not be reused in the project were transported a short distance to UPMs mill area, where there was a need for the masses," says Maria Keiski.

Climate-smart solutions are needed

This type of climate-smart solutions and reuse of materials will increase in importance in the construction industry.

"Climate-smart solutions and reuse of materials are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. Since the construction industry accounts for a large part of Finland's carbon dioxide emissions, actors in the industry must take the environment into account for us to be able to reach our climate goals," says Isac Sjöblom, who works with business development at Sjöblom.

The experienced starts in advance

The foundation is now ready for the hall construction and the plinth bases have been cast. Our goal was to finish before the cold comes, and we succeeded - by a considerable margin. With 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Sjöblom knows that timetables often change in construction projects and that it therefore is important to start a project in time.

“We are a flexible partner and have professional staff who try to solve potential problems quickly for the project to move forward in line with the timetable. Our strengths also include a modern and versatile machine park," says Isac Sjöblom.

Collaboration is the key to success

For a construction project to be efficient and the final product to be superior, a well-functioning collaboration is required. It is the key to success in the construction industry.

“Our collaboration with Jake Rakennus has worked perfectly. What we appreciate about Jake is that they are a well-organized company that share our values and mindset. They are a talented and problem-solving-oriented group," says Matts Sjöblom, CEO of Sjöblom.

Johan Asplund, CEO of Jake Rakennus, is very satisfied with Sjöblom’s quality of the work.

The collaboration with Sjöblom has worked very well - they know what they are doing. Everyone who works at Sjöblom is a professional and it is evident in their work
Johan Asplund, CEO, Jake Rakennus

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