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Sjöblom’s team will help you find the best comprehensive solutions for the challenges in large-scale industry, infrastructure and civil engineering.

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Visiting addresses

  • Office - Alholma

    Alholmintie 42 (Google Maps →)

    68600 Pietarsaari


  • Service hall - Sandsund

    Pännäistentie 139 (Google Maps →)

    68600 Pietarsaari


  • Service hall - Timberpak (Port of Pietarsaari)

    Alholmintie 80 (Google Maps →)

    68600 Pietarsaari


  • Recycling center - Pirilö

    Launisaarentie 96 (Google Maps →)

    68600 Pietarsaari


  • Service hall - Seikku

    Seikuntie 1 (Google Maps →)

    28300 Pori


Key contacts

  • Matts SjöblomCEO+358 500 560 527matts.sjoblom@sjoblom.fi
  • Dan ForsService Manager+358 500 588 208dan.fors@sjoblom.fi
  • Daniel HuggareForeman, Industrial+358 504 313 820daniel.huggare@sjoblom.fi
  • Maria Sjöblom-LillkvistOffice Manager+358 503 699 133maria.sjoblom-lillkvist@sjoblom.fi
  • Suvi PajunpääHR Manager+358 505 819 999suvi.pajunpaa@sjoblom.fi
  • Maria KeiskiEstimator & Foreman, Infra+358 503 220 722maria.keiski@sjoblom.fi
  • Tuomo PitkänenForeman, Industrial+358 449 713 520tuomo.pitkanen@sjoblom.fi
  • Jard BrännForeman, Infra+358 505 544 983jard.brann@sjoblom.fi
  • Jarmo TiittoForeman, Industrial+358 445 533 470jarmo.tiitto@sjoblom.fi
  • Daniel LönnqvistHSEQ Manager+358 503 050 234daniel.lonnqvist@sjoblom.fi
  • Isac SjöblomFinance & Business Development+358 503 260 577isac.sjoblom@sjoblom.fi

Invoicing details

  • +358 503 260 577


    Sjöblom Infra Ltd. only accepts e-invoices based on the legislation on electronic invoicing (241/2019).

    Sjöblom Infra Ltd.

    VAT number: FI01819325

    E-invoicing address: 003701819325

    Our e-invoice operator is Open Text Oy and their operator ID is 003708599126.

    The name of Sjöblom Infra Ltd.'s purchaser must always be mentioned in the invoice reference field.

    Reverse charge of value-added tax in construction:

    Sjöblom Infra Oy is a seller of construction services. Reverse charge of VAT applies to invoices that are addressed to the company and relate to construction services. The invoice must not contain VAT and must include, for example, the following phrase: Construction service for which the buyer is VAT-liable (Section 8 c of the VAT Act).


  • To promote an open, transparent, and secure organizational culture, we have implemented a whistleblowing channel. The establishment of the whistleblowing channel is based on The national Act on whistleblower protection and the EU:s Whistleblower Protection Directive.

    The whistleblowing channel provides a confidential channel to subject suspicions of possible misconduct or violations of operating principles to internal investigation. Reports can be submitted anonymously. It is advisable to initially discuss personal concerns or suspicions with your immediate supervisor or management. If this discussion does not seem like a viable option or proves ineffective, you can always use this channel to report the matter.

    The whistleblowing channel is designed in a way that the reporter cannot be identified if they choose to make an anonymous report. All reports are handled confidentially, ensuring the privacy of both the reporter and the subject. The processing of personal information adheres to the obligations outlined in the Data Protection Act (1050/2018). Reports can be made based on suspicion alone, without concrete evidence, as long as it is done honestly and in good faith.

    Reports submitted to the whistleblowing channel are handled by our HR Manager and Development Manager, who initiate necessary investigations. The process is confidential. Confidentiality also applies when the reporter discloses their identity. If the report involves one of the handlers, they will not participate in the case's handling and investigation. We acknowledge receipt of your report within 7 days, and if necessary, we may request additional information from you during the investigation. This phase also takes place through the channel, ensuring confidentiality and anonymity. We will inform you of the investigation's outcome through the channel within 3 months of report submission. At the end of the reporting process, you will receive a personal code to track the progress of your report. If you have submitted a report and lose the case-specific code, we ask you to make a new report, referencing the original one, to continue cooperation in the investigation.

    Go to the whistleblowing channel

    For more information on reporting, visit our service provider's website at: https://www.juuriharja.fi/en/for-whistleblower-faq


    Suvi Pajunpää

    HR Manager

    +358 50 581 9999


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