Kokkolan Energia

Case: Kokkolan Energia


Kokkolan Energia is an energy company based in Kokkola, Finland, that produces electricity, process steam, and district heating using biofuels. The company's two power plants, Power and Voima, are located in the Kokkola Industrial Park.

Sjöblom is a trusted partner of Kokkolan Energia, responsible for chipping biofuels at the power plants. Sjöblom's high-capacity chipping equipment, including the world's largest mobile chipper, the Morbark 30 RXL, is utilized to produce over 150,000 m3 of wood chips for Kokkolan Energia annually.

What sets Sjöblom apart is its reliability in delivering exceptional services to Kokkolan Energia. As Petri Ahokangas, Fuel Manager of Kokkolan Energia puts it:

What we especially like about Sjöblom is that they are reliable. They do their work well and as promised. The result is that we don't have to worry.
Petri Ahokangas, Fuel Manager, Kokkolan Energia

With Sjöblom's expertise in chipping biofuels and Kokkolan Energia's commitment to producing sustainable energy solutions, the two companies have formed a partnership that delivers reliable and environmentally conscious energy to the Kokkola region.

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