Profound developer in industry and construction

Sjöblom is an industrial and construction service company that has been helping customers find, plan and implement effective comprehensive solutions since the 1960s. We offer a wide selection of high-quality services reliably and flexibly, thanks to our qualified personnel of over 80 people, our partners, and machinery consisting of over 100 units.

Proactive development is at the core of our operations. We actively adopt new innovative approaches.

Proactive development is at the core of our operations. We actively adopt new innovative approaches.

Pioneer with decades of experience

Sjöblom was founded in Purmo, Ostrobothnia, in 1960 when brothers Svante and Gösta Sjöblom started a company that first focused on wood transportation with horses and tractors. Although we still transport wood, we have since upgraded to more robust machinery, and the volume of transported material has increased significantly: Today we transport over one million cubic meters of logs, chips, and pulp annually.

Over the years we’ve expanded our services and now our expertise lies in industrial services such as handling lumber and pulp, material transportation, infrastructure and foundation construction, road and railway construction, as well as recycling of wood and forestry by-products.

Our services cater to both industrial companies and the public sector, with clients ranging from pulp mills, sawmills, power plants and ports to construction companies, municipalities and cities.

Flexible without compromising

Sjöblom has always invested in high-quality, modern, and technologically advanced equipment to meet the demands of increasingly diverse services. In addition to our extensive machinery, our strength lies in our skilled personnel and flexibility, allowing us to solve complex problems without compromising on quality or timelines. Our competence, reliability, customer-oriented approach, and continuous development have made us a trusted partner who strives to fulfill customer wishes and solve problems with expertise based on extensive experience.

We believe that collaboration and mutual development are beneficial for both us and our customers. Therefore, we place great importance on the exchange of feedback through a dialogue-oriented approach. Our employees challenge existing practices and provide recommendations for improvement constantly and proactively – not only when problems are encountered.

Profoundly sustainable

At Sjöblom being profound also means that we are able to minimize environmental harm in all our activities with diligent planning and controlled processes. By carefully planning our projects and optimizing logistics as well as the reuse of materials, we ensure the energy-efficient use of resources. Our modern machinery also helps us minimize our carbon footprint. For example, our machines are programmed to automatically shut down after five minutes of idle time to avoid unnecessary emissions.

Ensuring the responsibility and sustainability of our operations requires continuous development. That's why we strive to improve our own processes and engage in constant discussions with our customers regarding for example electrifying machinery. In addition, we are increasingly shifting to renewable fuels in collaboration with our customers. Starting from 2023, we will use up to 700,000 liters of renewable fuel per year, resulting in up to 90% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional fuel.

All our operations are certified according to the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards.

Safety first

We prioritize the safety of our customers, employees and society at all times. To minimize safety risks, we conduct continuous risk assessments and develop our processes according to the findings. Our employees regularly undergo safety training and a large part of our personnel has first aid training.

Modern machinery is also a significant part of our safety regulations, as up-to-date and well-maintained machines minimize safety risks. Every employee is always properly trained for new equipment and tasks. In order to improve our level of safety, we have installed reversing cameras into almost all of our machines, bluespot reversing lights to our trucks and automatic extinguishers in those machines with a higher fire risk.

Safety also applies to the use of machines: no machine starts without a first aid kit or fire extinguisher, and our operators go through a comprehensive checklist before using the machines, as well as regularly going through an overall machine inspection. In addition, we thoroughly clean our machines, some even on a daily basis. As ergonomics also affect machine safety, we ensure that user comfort is always excellent.

Our mission today

Our mission is to offer first in class services in the fields of industrial services and infrastructure construction – whilst being guided by our values of safety, sustainability and reliability in our everyday work.

Our vision for the future

Our vision is to become the leading provider of industrial services and infrastructure construction services in the Nordics, whose high customer satisfaction and continuously developing service models speak for themselves.

Join our talented team

Our professional and service-oriented staff plays a significant role in all our operations. We prioritize the motivation and personal development of our employees and support their well-being. Sjöblom is a workplace where employees can build long-term careers and have the opportunity to influence the content of their work.

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