Industrial services

Our industrial services include logistics and maintenance solutions that help our customers carry out their processes safely and efficiently.

We support our customers' core business by bringing our expertise to industrial logistics and continuous maintenance processes.


Large scale industries require efficient logistics.

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Industrial logistics

Heavy duty industrial processes require nimble logistics solutions.

In our logistical services, we handle over 4 million cubic meters of material annually, including 1.5 million cubic meters of logs and 680,000 cubic meters of lumber.

In addition, we transport over one million cubic meters of wood chips, raw wood, and cellulose annually using custom-built articulated vehicles.

Maintenance services

Effective large-scale industry requires continuous maintenance regardless of the weather conditions.

We offer summer and winter maintenance services for our customers, using modern sweeping machines and efficient snowplows. In addition, we offer railroad maintenance, such as snow clearing, vegetation control, and replacement of railway ties and rails.

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